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myweb starts as a project of madmunki where he plans to built an ASP-based Content Management System (CMS) in August 2002.

The project then stalls for nearly a year, before putodasareias announce that madmunki has left the project. Not long after that, I (sharuzzaman) requested to putodasareias to take over the project. He willingly passed myweb to me.

Since late 2003, I have planned to update myweb during my free time, but find it very difficult because I was employed by a local Open Source company in 2003. I manage to do some modification to myweb to make it working at Brinkster.

Now in 2005, myweb is back to full development, but I have other plan in mind. I will lay out my plan soon, and hopefully can attract some contributors to the project.

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